About us

PIPA is a membership association for professionals working within the fields of medical information, pharmacovigilance and related functions in the pharmaceutical industry.

PIPA provides training, events, guidance, resources and networking opportunities to assist our members in their roles.


During the early 1970’s information officers within the UK pharmaceutical industry identified areas of common interest and became increasingly aware of the need to exchange ideas and experiences to further their professional development. As a result, the Association of Information Officers in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AIOPI) was formed in 1974.

In 2005, AIOPI rebranded to PIPA in recognition of the growing number of members working within the field of pharmacovigilance.

PIPA’s membership now includes professionals who work in a variety of pharmaceutical information management roles, from entry level through to senior management:

  • medical information
  • pharmacovigilance
  • Code compliance
  • medical affairs
  • medical scientific liaison
  • regulatory affairs
  • scientific research information
  • business information

A growing number of members come from pharmaceutical companies outside the UK and from agencies, consultancies and service providers.


PIPA aims to:

  • provide a forum for the exchange of experience and the advancement of all aspects of medical, scientific and technical information handling relating to the pharmaceutical industry
  • facilitate friendly communication amongst those who have a special interest in this subject
  • encourage the maintenance and development of professional standards in all aspects of medical information and pharmacovigilance work
  • encourage and facilitate the development of relevant skills and their application to medical information and pharmacovigilance work
  • promote the professions within the pharmaceutical industry and to other professional and trade associations