Effective CAPA and Deviation Management

Date of next meeting: 27th November 2023
Venue: Online virtual interactive course via Zoom
Cost: £250 + VAT
Booking: https://pipaonline.org/civicrm/event/info/?reset=1&id=46

Every organisation in any industry needs a good quality system and feedback mechanism to ensure the system is being monitored for compliance and that continuous improvements can be made.

This half day online PIPA course is designed to take the trainee from the basic understanding of the quality management system in a pharmaceutical organisation, to providing the background and importance of having a CAPA management system in the industry. It will also guide the trainee to understand best practices, referring to real life situations as well as lining those real life situations with regulatory guidelines. The course is useful for anyone working in the pharmaceutical industry looking to refresh their knowledge, gain an understanding of the wider overview of why CAPA and deviations are so important and then those that also need that practical day to day perspective of opening, investigating and managing CAPA and deviations alongside their day to day work.

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