Affiliate Management in Pharmacovigilance

Date of next meeting: 14th November 2024, 9am – 1pm
Venue: Online virtual interactive course via Zoom
Cost: £250 + VAT

Although ensuring an end-to-end pharmacovigilance (PV) system is a regulatory requirement, it is often complex and time-consuming to maintain. PV professionals working in affiliate offices are regularly tasked with multiple roles beyond the scope of PV, as well as having to ensure that they are providing an efficient and compliant PV function.

Managers responsible for affiliate offices must ensure they have developed a robust system that ensures comprehensive oversight of the affiliate PV function.

Delivered through a series of presentations and interactive workshops, this half-day course aims to provide affiliate managers with practical guidance to enable them to:

  • Maintain oversight of affiliates
  • Provide support to PV representatives in affiliate offices
  • Ensure that PV is in the forefront of the minds of individuals working in affiliate offices
  • Help affiliates develop and maintain a local PV system that is compliant with national and international legislation
  • Identify whether there is the correct technology and resources in place to ensure a compliant and efficient PV system

Throughout the course, delegates will be encouraged to share best practices to help each other identify, and develop, the most effective processes for ensuring an efficient and compliant PV system that is not hindered by the potential barriers of location, regulations or communication.

This course does not cover vendor management. This is covered in a separate course, please see the training page for details on this course.

 Target audience:

Anyone involved in the management of PV affiliates as well as those stepping into the role


1 day face to face course

  Level of difficulty: 


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