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Dear Member,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding identifying psychological disorders and symptoms as AEs.

In response to your question, would a normal emotional response, e.g. anxiety, to a situation (such as a delayed delivery of their medication) be reportable?

There are a few factors to consider here and the below outlines what would and would not be considered reportable. Please do take these into consideration when assessing which situation this falls into.

The following situation is not deemed as reportable AE:

– If the anxiety is caused by waiting for a delivery

However the following situations are deemed as reportable AEs:

– Has the patient experienced anxiety or any other form of a psychiatric-related disorder from taking the prescribed medicine in question?

– How long has the delivery been delayed which could have resulted in the patient experiencing an AE from not taking their medication.

I do hope this has helped in responding to your query.

Kind regards