Become a PIPA Member

PIPA is a professional accreditation association with an associated Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points system of membership.

New members initially join as as associate member, with the option to apply for a higher level depending on their role and experience via our CPD points system. The different levels demonstrate our members’ training and experience as they progress through their careers.

PIPA membership is a personal membership and it stays with you as you progress through your career.  We do not offer group/company membership and membership is not transferable.

Benefits of joining PIPA

  • Professional accreditation
  • PIPA’s journalPIPELINE, published 3 times a year
  • Guidance – we provide professional guidance, resources and standards for medical information, pharmacovigilance and code compliance.
  • Training – we offer face-to-face and online training courses.
  • Forums –  we have several meeting forums and online discussion forums that members can join.
  • Webinars – we host several webinars each year that are free to members.
  • Conference and networking – we run an annual conference to give members the opportunity to learn, network and exchange ideas.

Your PIPA membership is activated once receipt of the new member fee has been confirmed.  If you pay online at point of registration your membership is active immediately; if you select to pay by invoice then activation will be delayed until the invoice has been paid.

As PIPA is registered as a not-for-profit association with HMRC, PIPA can only make its courses and annual conference available to current members. 

Select one of the following membership types to join PIPA:

Membership Fees:

Full Annual UK Membership: £99.00

Full Annual Overseas Membership: £110.00 (payable in Pounds Sterling)

We offer single month membership to enable non-members to subscribe to just one of our online training courses.

Single month membership does not provide access to multiple online courses, our face-to-face courses (virtual or in person), webinars or the PIPA conference.

Single Month Membership Fee: £25.00

To apply please contact with your contact and billing details plus the name of the online course you wish to take. You will be sent an invoice combining the month membership fee and the online course fee. Once payment of the invoice has been confirmed you will be emailed login details to take the course. You will then have one month in which to complete the course and we do not provide extensions to the date should you not complete the course during this time.

We offer discounted annual membership to students in full-time education and who are working towards obtaining a scientific or healthcare qualification that would be of benefit towards pursuing a future career in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Many of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have employees who are members of PIPA.

Student Membership Fees:

Student UK Membership: £40.00

Student Overseas Membership: £50.00 (payable in Pounds Sterling)

Student Member Application Process

To apply for membership you have to provide documentation that you are in full time education and studying a subject at BSc level or above (e.g. MSc, PhD) that is of relevance to a future career in either the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Once you have filled out the joining form, please email the form along with a scan of supporting documentation to prove you are in full-time education to for consideration.  If approved, you will be invited to complete the new membership registration process.  Your membership will be renewable annually until completion of your course, when your membership will be upgraded to associate member.

Acceptable documents of full-time education include:

  • Your formal letter of acceptance
  • Student grant letter

Please note we will not accept student cards as proof of full-time education.

Please email Sharon Braithwaite at if you have any queries regarding the student membership application process.

We offer a discounted annual membership to former PIPA members who have retired from their career in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Retired Membership Fees:

UK: £40.00

OVERSEAS: £50.00 (payable in Pounds Sterling)

Retired Member Application Process

To apply for retired membership status, please contact who can change your current membership status.